Scan Based Trading

Many of the largest brands in the world incorporate a consignment business model into their overall sales and distribution strategies by exclusively utilizing the impressive capabilities of Nexxus Group® to expand physical retail locations of their products to non-traditional retailers and increase product SKUs within their existing retail footprint. Some brands are also using us to establish game-changing store-within-store configurations as well. Nexxus Group’s advanced technology platform and business processes are an absolutely critical factor in the accelerating shift to consignment, as major brands will only shift to a scan-based trading (SBT) model if they have comfort that sophisticated and experienced business operators, playing a critical neutral role as a trusted center of excellence between the parties, will handle the unique complexity and scale of this innovative business approach.

Nexxus Group® partners with thousands of suppliers, and over 100 retailers, processing over 20,000 payments per month and handling millions of transactions daily. Suppliers think of Nexxus Group® as an extension of their current staff, exclusively focused on this strategic initiative. Transparency and accuracy are hallmarks of our holistic business approach, as we have extensive experience with many of the world’s biggest retailers, including Walmart and Kroger, as well as with equally powerful brands. Our partners jointly rely on us to drive sales, provide visibility to inventory, minimize shrink, and eliminate unnecessary costs. Most importantly, suppliers trust they will be paid accurately and on time.

We perfectly align with the priorities of our suppliers as we are only paid a very low single-digit percentage of wholesale revenue for our efforts. This pricing model ensures our compensation increases/decreases in concert with the growth or contraction of our supplier’s revenue base.

The sole focus of our experienced team is on our unique and comprehensive turnkey solution that seamlessly interfaces with retailers. We handle all the chaos and compliance that entails, including providing routine and transparent POS sales visibility, data scrubbing, accurate and timely payments, market share expansion, and best-in-class expertise — essentially everything required to manage a complex retail relationship, except the physical delivery of goods. Our platform facilitates & manages EDI, synchronizes & audits pricing, validates & reconciles payments, and monitors & balances inventory, all to maximize sales and eliminate costly errors.

Nexxus Group® is not a rackjobber or middleman. Retailers and suppliers gain an enhanced direct relationship while absolutely trusting our critical neutral role in accelerating the adoption of scan-based trading (SBT). This now essential business model offers a powerful solution for suppliers to place the appropriate products at retail and for merchants to reduce their inventory exposure while simultaneously ensuring proper in-stocks that will support sales and preserve a positive customer experience.

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